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LINC Premium Quality Retractable Pen BRT 3 ct pack * Blue * 3 Packs



  1. SLEEK DESIGN. Provides an extremely smooth writing experience with extremely well defined and intense colours and lines until the refill is completely consumed
  2. VERSATILE USE & MORE SUSTAINABLE. More reliable and sustainable product with a longer lifetime and a higher customer satisfaction
  3. SMOOTH WRITING FEELING. We use low viscosity ink for an effortless writing experience. These pens are designed for a consistent flow of ink through the medium point tip, even with heavy usage
  4. NO SMUDGE. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you don’t have time to worry about a messy pen – our pens are designed to dry quickly for no-smudge, worry free writing
  5. PREMIUM. Smart and elegant Pentonic, an offering from the house of Linc, is a celebration of class and ultra-modern writing experience