Predo Premium Comfort Baby Diapers 21 Count x 4 Packs * Size. 6 *



  1. PREDO PREMIUM COMFORT BABY DIAPERS Ultra absorbent core – up to 12 hours of dryness
  2. Breathable cover – helps prevent diaper rush
  3. Super soft materials are gentle on baby’s skin
  4. PREDO PREMIUM COMFORT BABY DIAPERS Double leakage barriers provide superior protection
  5. Refastanable stretch tabs secure baby with a comfy fit
  6. hypoallergenic
  7. Free from elemental chlorine, fragrances, lotions, parabens , phthalates  and natural ruber latex
  8. Fully in compliance with product safety requirements of US Consumer Product Safety Commissions
  9. PREDO PREMIUM COMFORT BABY DIAPERS dermatologist tested
  10. ISO 9001 certificated
  11. United States Children’s Product Certificated
  12. Predo’s quality has been approved by New York & New Jersey local customers with positive feedback.