Trident Gum 14 sticks * Wintergreen * 12 Pcs Pack



  1. Get close-up confidence with Trident Wintergreen Sugar Free gum, the easy way to freshen breath and help protect against tooth decay.
  2. Four out of five dentists recommend chewing Trident after eating and drinking to clean and protect teeth.
  3. With 30% fewer calories than sugared gum, Trident is sweetened with Xylitol which is great tasting and long lasting like the chilling winter freshness.
  4. Like the winter season, the flavor calms and invigorates at the same
  5. Reformulated with bigger pieces for bigger taste, while the newly redesigned package means that gum stays in its pack and fits perfectly in pockets and purses.
  6. Artificially flavored.  Calorie content of this size stick has been reduced from 5 to 3-1/2 calories.
  7. Chewing Trident sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating, stimulates saliva flow, which helps to prevent cavities by reducing plaque acids and strengthening teeth.